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  • Image of the Pixels Pillow Cover with an abstract pixel design consisting of different sizes. These pixels are orange, yellow, pink, black, green, red, lavender and blue. Pillow cover is 100% cotton and measures 18 inches square.
  • Close up of Pixels Pillow cover corner showing the stitch pattern within the colored pixels and where the zipper enclosure is.
  • Close up of the pixels on the Pixel pillow cover showing the stitching and different colors and sizes of pixels.
  • Detail of Pixels Pillow displayed horizontally on a blue and green couch amongst the other 5 pillow cover designs from the 2022 Fall Collection.
  • Detail of the Pixels Pillow sitting in a shelf on a yellow bookcase.
  • Detail of Pixels pillow sitting in shelf on a yellow bookcase with crafts and the Odds and Ends pillow to the right sitting on top of an orange swivel chair.
  • Detail of Pixels Pillow laying on top of the Best Buds Blanket next to the Portrait and Silly Squiggles Pillows.
  • Detail of a person laying on a couch on top of the Best Buds Blanket with the Portrait Pillow covering their face and the Pixels Pillow resting under their left arm.
  • Detail of Pixels Pillow next to the Dazzle pillow cover on top of a made bed.
  • Detail of hands placing the Dazzle Pillow on a made bed next to the Pixels Pillow Cover.
  • Close up detail of the Pixels pillow piled with other pillows on a made bed.
  • Image of Pixels Pillow piled onto a made bed sitting with the five other pillow designs from the 2022 Fall Collection.

Pixel Pillow Cover

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The jolt of energy your interiors deserve, the “Pixels” Pillow Cover is an exploration in right angles and color theory. A theme throughout the summer collection is a return to drawing by hand as a means for unlocking creativity—the “Pixels” print was then digitally rendered and transformed into embroidery! We may be livin’ in a digital world, but these pixels feature an artisanal tactility.

Product Details

All Zoe Schlacter pillow covers are 100% cotton and produced in India, utilizing a hand-crafted chain-stitch embroidery technique. Pillow covers are 18 inches square and should be spot cleaned as needed.

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