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  • Image of Best Buds Blanket showing 3 flowers coming from bottom of the blanket with striped stems on a blue gradient background. Above the colorful flowers are blue clouds surrounding a red and orange sun sitting in the top left corner. Knit Blanket that is 60" by 60"
  • Close up of Aura blanket with corner flipped over. Back of corner shows Zoe Schlacter label.
  • Close up image of Best Buds Blanket showing a light purple flower with blue and red dots on top of the yellow flower center. The flower is sitting on a red and green striped stem with two red and yellow gradient leaves.
  • Close up of the Best Buds Blanket showing a flower with red petals outlined in yellow with a spiral light purple and dark blue flower center. Above the cut off flower is a blue cloud that is sitting on top of the red and yellow sun.
  • Image of a bed made with the Best Buds Blanket in a colorful bedroom. On top of the blanket sits the Dazzle and Silly Squiggles Pillow Covers.
  • Image of the Best Buds Blanket sprawled over a blue and green sofa located in a colorful living room. On top of the blanket sits the Odds and Ends Pillow Cover and Silly Squiggles Pillow Cover.
  • Image of a person laying on top of the Best Buds Blanket that is sprawled over a blue and green sofa. This person has the Portrait Pillow Cover resting on their face with the Pixels Pillow Cover under their left arm.
  • Close up of the portait, silly squiggles and pixels pillow cover laying on top of the Best Buds Blanket.

Best Buds Blanket

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In need of a friend? The “Best Buds” Blanket will keep you warm at night, dreaming of sunny days and funky flowers. This cherry design experiments with a complex scene, plays with gradient, and maximizes color. Why live in the real world when you could live in the Zoe Schlacter fantasy world?!

Product Details

All Zoe Schlacter blankets are knit in New Jersey, using an OEKO-TEX certified blend consisting of 80% recycled cotton and 20% polyester. At 60 inches square, they’re larger than your average throw blanket and make for the ultimate cozy companion. Machine wash cold and tumble dry on low.

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