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  • Image of Burst Blanket with a pink circle in center gradually fading into a green background with a black and white stripe border around the entirety of blanket. Knit blanket that is 60" by 60"
  • Close up of Burst blanket with corner flipped over. Back of corner shows Zoe Schlacter label.
  • Detail image of Burst blanket showing how it looks folded into a square. Shows a close up of pink circle gradually fading into green background with the black and white strip border along the bottom.
  • Close up image of Burst Blanket showing the stitching of pink circle going into green background.
  • Detail image of burst blanket sloped on top of blue and green couch with a small dog looking at camera on top of it with Peaks and Valleys and Dazzle pillow cover.
  • Detail image of Burst Blanket folded vertically on a swivel chair that stands in front of a bookshelf filled with supplies. On top of the blanket sits the Odds and Ends Pillow Cover.
  • Detail image of Burst Blanket sloped across blue and green couch. The burst blanket lies to the left of the couch, to the right there is a small dog sitting and looking at the camera with the best buds blanket laying to the right with the Portrait pillow case on top.

Burst Blanket

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Intrigued by the idea of blowing up this gradient to a larger scale, the “Burst” Blanket
reincarnates from Fall 2021’s prized pillow design! With brightly saturated hues and a graphic border treatment, the “Burst” Blanket will adorn your relaxation station with lively effervescence. Fun fact: when you fold the blanket in various formations, you’ll get different peeks of the pattern for an evolving optical surprise.

Product Details

All Zoe Schlacter blankets are knit in New Jersey, using an OEKO-TEX certified blend consisting of 80% recycled cotton and 20% polyester. At 60 inches square, they’re larger than your average throw blanket and make for the ultimate cozy companion. Machine wash cold and tumble dry on low.

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